Albuquerque drivers line up for reduced gas prices


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – New Mexico is still seeing prices well above where they were last year, still above $4 a gallon, but some lucky drivers here in Albuquerque have gotten a pretty big discount Saturday morning.

For just four hours, Saturday gas prices at Chronic Kings on Broadway and Lomas were $2.38 a gallon.

Many drivers took advantage of the discount, some waited up to 2 hours in line for the discount, but said it was worth filling up without breaking the bank.

“I’ve been here two hours now, and I’d wait two hours for $2 off the gallon,” Michael Landis said.

It’s no secret that wallets bleed at the pump.

“The price of gas and the price of groceries are all affected by inflation and it’s hitting Americans in the pocket books, especially New Mexicans as well,” said Lucas Gauthier, director of engagement. Americans for Prosperity.

For example, Americans for Prosperity asks gas stations across the county if their gas prices could go down over time.

“They had the idea and brought it to us, we all thought it was a great idea, so we ran with it thinking we could help the people of Albuquerque,” said Jose Vialapndo/ president of Chronic Kings.

Gas at $2.38 is an offer well worth the wait.

“I’m still earning the same as two years ago to pay double, that’s a lot,” Landis said.

And the lines spoke for themselves.

“We also have to get the message out, that this gas is just too much money right now and that these guys can do it for a few hours, I think that’s great,” said Wayne Church.

The discount started at 10 a.m. and was supposed to last until noon, but the station extended it to 2 p.m.

KOB 4 learned that the station had actually run out of gas and that a tank truck trunk was due to come and bring more.

According to AAA, the average gas price is $4.41 a gallon in Albuquerque, about 10 cents more statewide.

The national average is $4.69 per gallon right now.

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