BDA will reimburse excess compound fees to residents of Bhubaneswar under the amnesty program


The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has decided to reimburse excess compound fees for residents of the capital by December 31 this year as part of the revised amnesty program.

According to the latest notification issued by BDA, residents will only be billed for the amount of the fees set during the new amnesty regime in 2019 which allows them to regularize their unauthorized constructions.

“The excess amount will be refunded to residents of Bhubaneswar by December 31 and the process has already started. Residents, who paid excess money for compounded fees under the amnesty program, could submit their requests with the necessary documents until December 10, 2021 to obtain reimbursements, ”the notification said.

BDA further requested claimants to submit the necessary forms with claim number and spreadsheet in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

“The owners of buildings covered by the amnesty program should also seek compliance. As most of the applicants did not request compliance, the deadline for the process was extended by 15 days until December 15. No other application will be accepted beyond the deadline, ”the notification said.

In addition, BDA also notified the deed of sale for the distribution of land and rental of houses. Following a review meeting with the general administration and the BDA, the lease of the houses will be provided to deserving applicants.

“Some people have yet to claim reimbursement for their excess compound charges. However, we set a goal of reimbursing the fees by December 31 anyway, ”said BDA vice president Sanjay Singh.

Earlier in 2018, Odisha’s government launched the amnesty program to regularize unauthorized construction and projects. As part of this program, authorized by the Regulation respecting urban planning and construction standards, unauthorized constructions can be regularized by paying specific fees accompanied by the presentation of a construction plan and a safety certificate. fire. No less than 15,000 residents had applied for this program.

However, some residents of Bhubaneswar had appealed to the court to complain about the high amount of the costs. The state government reduced the fee amount the following year and later decided to reimburse the excess compound fee.

Residents from different strata of the capital’s society warmly welcomed this decision.

“People are understandably happy to get reimbursed for their excess compound charges. It was a technical error of the BDA which should not occur again in the future ”, declared Manonjay Rath, architect.

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