Biden and Democrats’ proposals include $ 8,000 to $ 10,000 discount for Tesla buyers (instead of $ 0) – but some Tesla fans are upset


If there had ever been a case of people ignoring the context and living in a memes bubble filled with short-sighted grievances detached from reality

A few years ago, Tesla exceeded 200,000 sales in the United States. This led to the phasing out of the US federal tax credit (up to $ 7,500) for Tesla buyers in the US from A. GM passed the 200,000 vehicle mark a little later, but all other automakers can still tell their customers that if they buy one of their electric vehicles today, they can get a $ 7,500 tax credit from the US government

Republicans have had control of the US Congress (Senate and House) and the White House for a few years at the right time to address this problem. They have done nothing to solve this strange system that rewards latecomers and punishes leaders. Well, there was a rumor that the credit could be extended and the total number of eligible buyers would increase, but there was also a rumor that Donald Trump specifically killed this before it saw the light of day. (I’m curious how many angry Tesla supporters with the politics I’m about to discuss know about this story.) In fact, the two things Republicans spent most of their time on when they were in power were: 1) trying to kill the Affordable Care Act (the late Sen. John McCain, a Republican himself, blocked this effort) and 2) cut taxes Verry much on the richest Americans and businesses while ignoring all the warnings about what it would do to our budget and how businesses would react (cough, share buybacks, cough). They also called for crazy economic growth rates that I guess no one seriously thought was close to possible in order to “justify” the tax cuts. Of course, none of their publicly offered expectations were right, while Democratic critics apparently had crystal balls. Either way, useful or not, that’s all Congress Republicans wanted to do while Trump put the coal lobbyists in charge of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the corrupt oil and gas guys in charge. of the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of the Interior.

Fast forward to 2021.

As part of broad efforts to stop global warming and encourage clean technology, Democrats – led by Biden – have decided to try to renew the electric vehicle tax credit for Tesla, GM and any other automaker. which sells more than 200,000 electric vehicles in the United States.

Not only that, but they have dramatically improved the system to make it more useful to non-wealthy people. Previously, it was a tax credit of $ 7,500 that could not be carried over to the following year. This meant that you had to have at least $ 7,500 in taxes payable after all other deductions in order to use the full tax credit. You have to earn a decent amount of money to have that much tax to pay. The proposal Democrats brought forward in 2021 turns that credit into a discount, meaning it will fully benefit anyone who buys a new electric vehicle – not just the wealthiest among us. Among others, that makes Tesla vehicles accessible to many more people, something every true Tesla fan should appreciate.

I am well known for writing articles defending Tesla and Elon Musk against unfair and incorrect claims about them. There have been tens of millions of views on the articles I have written that fall into this category. It is extremely unfortunate and sad that many people on the good side of these accounts have committed the same fundamental offenses against someone helping Tesla. Alas, we seem to be living in a world upside down these days. Fake news is “real news” for many, while real news is “fake news”. Someone who tried to overthrow American democracy, install fascism, and completely corrupt and steal a democratic election (confirmed as such by several people he has named) has somehow convinced tens of millions of people. Americans who had to fail the basic reading comprehension and critical thinking exams he is the pro-democracy, anti-fascism, pro-fair election politician who somehow had the presidency stolen from him. (Never mind that these same people claim the winner is incompetent – apparently thinking that an incompetent person could steal an election from a supposedly brilliant president who controlled orders of magnitude more power and was at least publicly paranoid about it. rigged election since the time He claimed the Emmys were rigged against him. Certainly, the allegations of rigged elections were transparent lies of the months before the election when they began, just an effort to make a twist to the reality that told people that a certain person was not a failure who suffered epic loss. But let’s move on.)

However, Democrats were not done changing the tax credit / tax cut for electric vehicles.

They also added two more bonuses to encourage things they see as good for America. There is a bonus of $ 2,500 if the vehicle is American made. This benefits Tesla, as Tesla produces cars and batteries in the United States of America, which increases the potential reimbursement of electric vehicles for Tesla buyers to $ 10,000. [Edit: Another proposal includes just $500 for the domestic production bonus. The House and Senate have to reconcile their proposals — and, of course, pass the combined bill — before sending to President Biden’s desk.]

Finally, they added a bonus of $ 2,500 for electric vehicles built by union workers. [Edit: As noted above, there are slightly different proposals, with one including a $4,500 bonus here. The proposals have to be reconciled. I assume the former is more likely than the latter to go through.] There are probably several reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that Biden and many other Democrats are worried about the exhaustion of the middle class, the growing struggle of the working class, and see unions as a essential way for the working class to have or gain more bargaining power with their employers. They aim to uplift the working class and believe this will help. Yes, former key UAW figures have histories of corruption, and many argue that this auto union does more harm than good. Not everyone sees it that way, however, and many UAW members believe they get better wages and benefits because of the union’s bargaining power (which only makes sense if you think about it one step further). instant). There is also the very valid point that companies do not create unions for their workers – workers have to come together and agree to form or join a union. So this extra $ 2,500 bonus pushes auto workers at companies like Tesla to think more seriously about training / joining a union.

But it’s a bit extreme – and wrong – to act as if Tesla and its employees are being penalized by this proposal. Instead of Tesla buyers receiving $ 0 in federal support, they will likely receive $ 10,000, more than any other Tesla buyer in the United States. Acting like Biden is the devil in trying to encourage something that he says will help strengthen the working class and improve their lives is, frankly, completely silly.

But what about the UAW-Biden connection ?! Once again, one of Biden’s main focal points for decades in American politics has tried to help the working class. He idolizes the most past presidents and members of Congress who have done this the most. As part of that effort, he’s a huge fan of unions, and that includes the UAW. To assume and pretend it is corruption is to act like a person who has no empathy or ability to read another person, their historical actions, or history at all. Also, yes, the UAW has supported Biden, and Biden does support UAW. Shock. Values ​​align and people support each other! On another side…

Funny how things work in politics, that supporting a politician’s opponent (Kanye West in this case) causes that politician to not be great with you and not put you at the top of his list of people. to please while ruling the most powerful country on Earth. Everyone is free to do whatever they want in politics, of course, but to expect extra special treatment from someone in power when you’ve specifically opposed them is, well, strange (for say it as nicely as possible). … The Obama-Biden administration backed Tesla. The Trump administration has done the opposite. Right now, the Biden administration is backing a federal tax credit that will massively benefit Tesla buyers.

As a final note: do I think it’s smart policy not to make good friends with Elon Musk and Tesla more openly? No I do not. This is pretty obvious from the totally mistaken panics of countless Tesla fanatics. I think it would be smart on both sides to be positive and open together to help our country and the world. Alas, we are in 2021.…

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