Breakfast voucher program for the needy


Sabah Natural Justice 4 Sabahans President Datuk Jimmy Wong (second from right), General Secretary Dr Edwin Bosi (left) and Home Affairs Representative Dr Oswald Aisat Igau (right) donate 1,000 Breakfast vouchers at Franky Lobinjang of Sup Pipin 1 Riverside.

PENAMPANG (Jan 8): Sabah Natural Justice 4 Sabahans on Saturday kicked off a breakfast voucher program for the needy.

It was started by NGO President Datuk Jimmy Wong at Sup Pipin 1 Riverside in Kampung Inobong Penampang.

Jimmy said that this breakfast voucher worth 8 RM is for the needy and less fortunate and that they are doing it as a gift of love.

He thanked the owner of Sup Pipin 1 Riverside, Franky Lobinjang who participated in the program and contributed RM2 vouchers.

“We’re going to engage with more people like Franky,” he added.

Jimmy, who was the former MP for Kota Kinabalu and a member of Sri Tanjung’s assembly, revealed that he was using his pension money for this program.

“I want to help the needy and the less fortunate,” he added.

More seriously he has stated that his money will not be useful in the afterlife and so far he likes to bring happiness to people even if it is just free breakfast.

“Let’s do good and the good will come back to us,” he said philosophically.

“We like to have a positive legacy when we finally leave for the next life.

“I have other programs in mind to help people, but let me make sure this breakfast voucher program can cover other areas of the state first. I am assured by Dr Oswald Aisat Igau, who heads the NGO, that the same program will soon be launched in the interior region.

The former deputy minister in the chief minister’s department said there were a lot of rich and generous people and they too would like to help people, especially in this time when the economy is being hit hard by the Covid pandemic -19.

“I urge them to join me and Sabah Natural Justice 4 Sabahans in helping this particular community,” he concluded.

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