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The Minister for Brexit Opportunities has, since being appointed to this new role earlier this year, faced many questions over the Government’s implementation of the benefits of leaving the EU. He was mocked today for citing cheaper cheese and fish and chips as examples of how our withdrawal from the Brussels bloc is helping Britons.

LBC’s Rachael Venables explained to the minister that nationals struggling to pay bills are unlikely to care about some previously cited Brexit benefits, including the removal of restrictions on vacuum cleaners.

Mr Rees-Mogg replied: “There would be an additional cost for the fish sticks because of the way they are imported.

“It’s a two percent increase that was avoided.

“There was going to be a 70% increase in the cost of some incoming cheeses.”

He pointed out that we have “avoided” these costs “by using our Brexit freedoms, so there are savings to be made”.

Miss Venables replied: “Is that the best you can do, cheese and fish sticks?”

The Minister for Brexit Opportunities suggested the questioner had “missed the point”.

The point, he said, was that “it’s the aggregation of many, many small economies.”

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Dr Bendor Grosvenor added: ‘The shamelessness of it.

“Deciding not to implement costs and controls that only arise as a result of Brexit is not ‘Brexit economics’.”

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib also criticized the government for not “doing Brexit”.

But he argued Mr Rees-Mogg’s ‘hands are tied’ because of post-Brexit UK-EU deals signed by the Prime Minister which keep the UK tied to Brussels in a a number of key areas.

He told “Rees-Mogg is struggling to deliver Brexit dividends. His hands are mostly tied.

Mr Habib added, however, that there are still areas where the Minister for Brexit Opportunities can make a difference and that he “must continue and do so”.

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