Broome School District Sends Tax Refund Checks After Overpayments


Some property owners in a Broome County school district have received some unexpected news.

Residents of the Vestal Central School District were surprised when they discovered a refund check in the mail.

According to a letter from School District Superintendent Jeffrey Ahearn dated Aug. 2, some homeowners are receiving a refund of a portion of what they paid in school taxes.

Ahearn’s post says someone has notified the district that some “Basic STAR” taxpayers have overpaid their taxes for the 2021-2022 school tax year.

The memo says the district learned of the error “at the end of this school year.” He said “this was the result of an error in the electronic file used by the agency that creates” district school tax bills. It read: ‘Apparently the electronic file used an incorrect (lower) STAR exemption than it should have been.’ The agency responsible for the tax accounts was not identified in the letter.

The post said the district “has begun investigating to determine where the outage occurred with the goal of correcting it. Our intent is to prevent the same situation from occurring in the future.”

Ahearn did not state exactly how the error occurred. The letter with the check apologized “for any confusion this may have caused”.

Ahearn and other Vestal School District officials could not be reached Monday afternoon to elaborate on the error.

Representatives for State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli were not immediately available to discuss the overpayments or whether the office was aware of other New York school districts that had received overpayments in the past year. .


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