Coaches complain about slow reimbursement checks for athletes


Jackson State University football coach Deion Sanders said slow reimbursement checks have had a negative impact on his players and others at HBCUs.

Sanders, a former NFL and MLB legend, spoke to Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves in an Instagram post about the issue, noting “we need to get these checks to these kids on time,” according to HBCU Game Day.

“How is it understandable that our reimbursement checks for our children are constantly late? But the checks for our administrators are always on time? ” said Sanders. “I sit down with a parent and say I’m going to take care of your child and we’re going to make sure your child is safe. Yet the refund checks are always late. Now the child is calling the parent who needs money, and now the parent has to stretch themselves or the child has to take out a loan so they can pay their rent with the money they should have.

Its players are not the only ones facing this problem. Hue Jackson, head coach of Grambling State University says he’s dealing with the same thing.

We know that slow reimbursement checks are not just an issue for HBCUs and athletes, most students have complained about the delay in requesting assistance and receiving payment.

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