Get a minimum of 50% off T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants and utility pants


Amazon offers deep discounts on a host of menswear items.

When it comes to everyday clothes, it’s never a bad time to shop. Why, you ask me? Well, that’s because daily wear items are fast-moving items, which means they get a lot of wear and tear and are more likely to be thrown away in a pinch. Therefore, it is always wise to keep fresh stock in place. So when it comes to wearing shorts, t-shirts, regular pants, sweatpants, etc., having a few extra pairs never hurts.

If you’re convinced by our argument, then Amazon is a great place to start your search and pick up a few. This is because there are amazing discounts. There’s 50% off and more on a range of men’s clothing items.

We have grouped together a few such products which we think you should definitely check out and choose some of them as well.

Red Tape Men’s Plain Regular Fit T-Shirt

This stylish blue t-shirt is available at a 65% discount. The color mentioned by the makers is ‘Aqua Marl’ and there are no more colors in this style of t-shirt. This regular fit t-shirt is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and it ?? promises both comfort and ease of use. This is a t-shirt with half sleeves and a button front.

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Men’s Plain Red Tape Classic T-Shirt (RPH7144_Aqua Marl_Small S)




Slim fit for men

This pair of shorts comes in seven different shades including gray, brown, white, black, khaki to name a few. These slim fit shorts have been made from 100% cotton fabric and feature a zip fly and button closure. It has four pockets; two front slash pockets and back patch pockets. The belt comes with belt loops. Sizes start from 30 and go up to 38. There is a 59% discount on these shorts.

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Slim fit for men (DVS04S3L02-54_Grey_36)




Men’s Red Tape Regular Fit Shirt

This men’s shirt is available in nine different styles, although all of them are full striped men’s shirts. Some of the names include Sea Blue, Dark Navy, Light Blue and White. This classic cut shirt is made from 100% cotton fabric and is therefore very comfortable to wear even in summer and during the muggy monsoon months. It has a button down collar pattern. Sizes start from small and go up to 2XL. There is a 70% discount on these shirts.

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Men’s Classic Red Tape Stripe Shirt (RFS0984_SEA Blue L)




Amazon Brand – Symactive Men’s Joggers

This pair of sweatpants comes in eight different colors including Olive, Coal Grey, Old Navy, Prime Monsoon, among others. These classic fit track pants are made from polyester fabric and can be machine washed. Although dubbed sweatpants by the manufacturers, they are a versatile piece of clothing and can be worn on many occasions like brunches, shopping trips, family lunches, etc. It has a 73% discount.

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Amazon Brand – Symactive Men’s Regular Sweatpants (SYM-A-047-Olive,Olive,Large




Peter England Men’s Slim Work Utility Trousers

These are absolutely stunning pants that should definitely adorn any man’s wardrobe. These slim pants are available in one color – brown. It is made of the following fabric and combination: 66% Polyester, 32% Rayon and 2% Spandex. It features a flat front and is an ideal choice of dress for formal occasions. It is only available in size 38. There is a 55% discount on it.

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Peter England Mens Slim Work Trousers (PITFWNSPC93009_Brown_38)




Prices for men’s clothing options like shorts, t-shirts, etc. in one look :

Product Price
Red Tape Men’s Plain Regular Fit T-Shirt 1,999.00
Slim fit for men 1,199.00
Men’s Red Tape Regular Fit Shirt 2,999.00
Amazon Brand – Symactive Men’s Joggers 1,999.00
Peter England Men’s Slim Work Utility Trousers 1,999.00

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