Good news for rail travellers! A rent discount can be granted again, the ministry is considering


Indian Railway News: Recently, in a written response to Parliament, the Ministry of Railways said that due to the concessions, there is a heavy burden on him. The ministry had said it had no plans to reinstate the rail fare exemption. Today a senior Ministry of Railways official said he was considering reintroducing some concessions in tariffs.

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Discount on rail fares can be reinstated

Strong points

  • Exemption from rail fares may be reinstated for different categories of passengers
  • Railroad reconsiders decision on exemption
  • Earlier, the department had told parliament that there were no plans to reinstate the exemption.
  • The ministry had said concessions have a heavy burden
New Delhi: The Ministry of Railways may reinstate certain concessions on rail fares. The ministry plans to restore some concessions in rail fares for different categories of passengers, including seniors and sportsmen. These concessions were halted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sources said the railways are reconsidering the decision as the national carrier also has social responsibilities. Previously, the Ministry of Railways had stated in a written reply to Parliament that because of the concessions it had a heavy burden. It therefore has no intention of restoring these concessions. This decision by the Railways has drawn a lot of criticism.

Consider reintroducing certain concessions in tariffs

Now a senior Ministry of Railways official has said: ‘We are looking at whether some fare concessions can be reintroduced. There is complete normality in train travel. The government’s stance so far of not reintroducing concessions has drawn widespread criticism. Even BJP MP Varun Gandhi questioned the decision to end the concession given to the elderly on the tickets. He asked why this relief is seen as a ‘burden’ when MPs receive subsidies on rail fares.

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Heavy burden on railways due to concessions
Recently, the Ministry of Railways, in a written response to Parliament, said that because of the concessions it had a heavy burden. The ministry had said it had no plans to reinstate the rail fare exemption. The ministry said the fare concession facility has been reintroduced only for people in the special category. These include four categories of disabled people, 11 categories of patients and more students. This facility is not reinstated for seniors and athletes as well as passengers of other categories.
Indian Railways News: Will Senior Citizens Get Discount on Train Tickets or Not! Know what the government said
There were rent concessions before Corona

Before the Corona era, senior citizens received up to 50% discount on train tickets (concession for senior train tickets). But this facility was closed during the Corona period. When train service resumed after the end of the Corona epidemic, the concession for the elderly was not reinstated.

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