Google One may offer discount when paired with Play Pass

Google could soon combine its Google One and Play Pass subscriptions (via 9to5Google). For starters, Google One is a subscription that gives you more storage, which you can use in apps like Google Drive and Photos. The service also provides users with additional benefits such as direct access to support, VPN access, Google Store purchase discount credit, and more. On the other hand, Play Pass allows users to access premium Android apps and games.

During the teardown of the latest version 1.109 of the Google One app, it was found that Google may be preparing to bundle these two services into one, at a reduced price. Note that not all features may land on the actual app. Here is a text found in the application code:

Add a game pass

Bundle Google One and Play Pass and save%

Add Play Pass to your plan and save%

The text tells us that the plan will offer a certain percentage of discount when users combine these two services. There are also answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) that were found in the code of the app.

Am I eligible for a trial? What does he understand?

All services in the plan to which you have not yet subscribed are included in the trial.

After the trial, the plan automatically renews as a monthly subscription and you will get a% discount. The offer expires after one year and you can cancel or upgrade your subscription at any time.

According to the text, Google could also include a trial for users, in case they want to test the bundle first before committing. Users can also upgrade for larger storage sets up to 2TB.

Yes – after subscribing to the 100 GB plan, you can upgrade to the 200 GB or 2 TB plan. You will see the upgrade option in the Google One settings.

If you upgrade, you will continue to receive% off your plan. The offer expires one year from the day of your first subscription to the package.

If you upgrade during the trial period, the trial will end sooner. Your charges will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in your current billing cycle.

If you cancel your plan, you can choose to subscribe to Google One or Play Pass at the regular price.

Storage space and other benefits can be shared among your Google family as before.

Can I share with my family?

Yes, you can share Google One and Play Pass with your family group at no additional cost.

Google One plans start at $ 1.99 per month for 100 GB. For more information, see Google One plans.

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