Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center partners with Dunkin’ to provide 25,000 donor vouchers


(Photo courtesy of Alliance Marketing)

The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center gave Houston donors a great deal throughout August by providing approximately 25,000 Dunkin’ Vouchers throughout August.

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Those who donated blood would receive a voucher for a free medium hot or iced coffee and a free classic donut. The partnership aimed to increase donor participation and offset the drop usually seen during the summer.

“Dunkin reached out to us early in the summer to partner with a promotion and to help advocate for the need for blood donations,” a regional spokesperson said by email. “They saw that our community needed more blood donors and wanted to help us by offering an incentive item as a thank you to the donors. We were able to quickly plan and execute a partnership to help save lives in our community .”

(Photo courtesy of Alliance Marketing)

According to a press release, the blood supply across the country has dropped to historic lows since the COVID-19 pandemic, and locally, the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center needs 1,000 donations each day from the year to be able to supply blood to the 170 hospitals and health care facilities in the Greater Houston area.

“We are asking our community to donate more frequently in 2022 to maintain the constant need for blood in our community and to replenish our available stock for any unforeseen emergencies,” the spokesperson added.

While exact numbers won’t be available until the end of the month, the partnership with Dunkin’ has proven to be an overall success but still needs help.

“In partnership with Dunkin’, we saved many lives in our community for the final surge of the summer,” the spokesperson said. “We have seen an increase in donor participation compared to previous months, and we hope to end the month strongly.”

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To learn more about donating or to make an appointment, visit the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center website. Walk-ins are also welcome.

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