Home Energy Discount: How does the PWP actually work?


OWe are now in those summer months in America where trying to stay cool means spending a lot of money on air conditioning.

For many, the situation is even worse this year, as inflation rates have reached their highest level in 40 years.

Not only is it difficult to stay cool, but it is also a time when water consumption should be kept to a minimum. The city of Pasadena has already imposed voluntary water restrictions in an attempt to combat the drought.

There will also likely be a heat wave in Los Angeles County starting July 4 with temperatures hitting the triple digits.

For California residents, there’s one thing that might make these warm months a little more bearable. Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) offers discounts to its residential electricity customers.

That means it’s effectively a reward for those who make energy-efficient choices with the appliances they choose for their homes.

They believe that up to half of your energy bill in the coming months can be explained by air conditioning trying to keep you cool. Starting July 1, changes will be made to the PWP Refund Scheme.

People can get $50 for buying and installing a smart thermostat and rebates start at $120 a ton for split system and packaged central air conditioners.

You can also get a $20 rebate when you buy and install an Energy STAR certified fan, with light(s), in your home.

There are several other products that entitle you to discounts and there is more money available to buy them in Pasadena.

To apply, residents must go to their PWP account and select “apply for a discount,” then upload the required sales receipts or paid invoices. Once approved, the refund will arrive in your account within six to eight weeks.

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