Hong Kong government pledges leniency for those who refused MPF-related consumer vouchers


The Hong Kong government has pledged to take a more relaxed approach in handling appeals for those deemed ineligible for the second tranche of consumer vouchers on MPF-related issues.

The move came as some Hong Kong residents were denied vouchers after previously withdrawing their MPF contributions, but then returned to the city.

Speaking on a radio show on Friday, Jessie Wong Hok-ling, head of the budget and tax policy unit in the office of the financial secretary, said candidates who have since returned to Hong Kong can apply an examination with other supporting documents.

She said supporting documents can be rent records, credit card bills or medical certificates issued by public hospitals.

She noted that the authorities will adopt a more reasonable and lenient approach in handling appeals and notify applicants of the outcome within six weeks.

Wong pointed out that their access to personal information is limited because some government departments cannot share information, such as sensitive data, with the Tax Department.

Authorities have previously advised people wishing to appeal to download the review request form and return the completed form with a copy of the SMS notification to the Consumer Voucher Secretariat.

People have also been reminded to submit their exam requests within 14 days of receiving text notifications, and it will take them about six weeks to receive a result.

The vouchers will be distributed from August 7 in phases, depending on the stored value platform.

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