How to Get a Loan at the Bank

Apply for a loan from the bank. Everyone who wants to take out a loan with the savings bank has different possibilities. You determine the duration and the amount of the loan yourself and decide what you want to use the loan for. Have a loan in your pocket for every situation. Have a loan in your pocket for every situation.

Savings bank credit

Savings bank credit

Depending on its credit rating, bank’s personal loan is available at an effective interest rate of 3.99% to 11.99% per annum. You conclude your purchase agreement with PartCred, an institute of the bank Finance group that specializes in installment loans. It was commissioned by the PartCred with the support and arrangement of loan agreements and mediated not only for the PartCred, but for several lenders.

Can a trainee get a loan from the bank?

Can a trainee get a loan from the bank?

Basically, it is not excluded to get a loan from the bank as an apprentice, but usually a guarantee is required. In addition, savings banks are willing to grant tomorrow’s customers a small overdraft of USD 500, but this small amount is usually not thought when young people wonder if it is possible to take out a loan as an apprentice at bank.

Even if it was a relatively small loan amount of about 2,000 to 4,000 USD, the apprentice receives a loan from the savings bank only with the help of a guarantee. The background is obvious: The trainees’ income is almost entirely below the exemption limit, which is crucial for financial institutions when granting loans.

Because they have no opportunity to pay open installments in the event of a repayment default below this exemption limit, a trainee can only take out a loan from the savings bank if someone guarantees the money. The financial institutions have no other means of securing lending; the strict requirements of Basler’s requirements for European credit institutions oblige them to take this risk.

The apprentices should take this into account when they ask whether they can take out a loan with the savings bank? Without a guarantee, there certainly will be a way out for young borrowers as well. Private investors also grant auxmoney on the P2P portal. With a corresponding offer they grant the trainees loans, even without guarantee. It is of course not secured, but as a substitute for the loan of the savings bank, it is definitely worth a visit.

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