Iceland discount deal ‘three essentials for 3p’ ends this week


Iceland buyers have been given a three-day warning as its “three essentials for 3p” sale ends this week.

The retailer announced the program to help customers weather the cost of living crisis with the sale of essential items.

As food prices rise at a record pace, the discount supermarket has already sought to help vulnerable consumers with its age-based discount for the elderly.

Now, Iceland expanded its 1p sale from vegetables to other key groceries.

So how does the offer work – and how long will it last?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is the 1p online sale in Iceland?

IcelandThe latest cost-of-living support measure is essentially a slightly different version of her 1p vegetable sale, which she held at Christmas and then Easter.

This is an online offer only and applies to the following items:

  • Semi-skimmed milk from Iceland two pints (usually £0.99)

  • Thick soft sliced ​​white bread from Iceland 800g (usually £0.95)

  • Just Like Butter Spread 450g (usually £1.00)

  • Warburtons Sliced ​​Soft White Rolls six-pack (£1.00)

  • Iceland Nut Chocolate Cones 372g (£1.00)

  • R. White’s Lemonade three liters (£1.00)

Adding up to three of these products to your shopping cart and applying the code ‘ICEPENNY’ at checkout will reduce their price to just 3 pence.

As well as lowering the prices of these items, Iceland is also offering free delivery to customers who spend over £40.

Richard Walker, Managing Director of Iceland, said: “We continue to work hard to ensure that our customers are supported as much as possible as the cost of living continues to rise and we hope that our sale of essential products from daily at 3 pence will help a little.

“Our previous sales at Christmas and Easter were very popular and this time we have made the decision to branch out and offer this offer on basic necessities, as well as vegetables, to help our customers through the cost of living crisis.”

When does the sale of 1p in Iceland end?

Iceland said its 1p selloff was targeted at the week before many households’ payday because that’s when buyers “really feel the pinch in their spending”.

Thus, the supermarket penny sale runs until midnight on Friday, June 24.

Iceland Tuesday Over 60

The launch of the 1p extended sale comes nearly a month after Iceland launched a 10% discount for older consumers to help them tackle the cost of living crisis.

Every Tuesday, shoppers over the age of 60 can take advantage of the discount when visiting an Icelandic store.

The offer also applies to Icelandic retailer The Food Warehouse.

Shoppers don’t need to purchase any specific products to receive the offer, but they must provide ID at checkout to prove their age.

Alongside the cut, the discounter also plans to roll out a £30 voucher scheme for people on state pension.

This offer was trialed regionally around the Christmas period, but is expected to roll out across the UK later this summer.

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