Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Pizza Now Over $ 5


Fans of the take-out style meal now need a little extra change, as the pizza offering now costs more than the usual $ 5.

Pizza places are ubiquitous in the United States and that leads to stiff competition, but Little Caesars’ big footprint across the country has seen success, in part thanks to a special that the chain has been running for years. This is about to change, albeit a little, because CNN Affairs and Forbes report.

Little Caesars’ famous Hot-N-Ready pizza has stuck at the popular $ 5 price point for years. The promotion was first offered in 1997, when the company started advertising the deal on shakerboards. It was also popular because it was always ready to be picked up and did not require a pre-order. Now, the popular menu item will cost 11% more, rising to $ 5.55 according to several outlets who spoke with company representatives. But as reports note, the “new and improved” version will also contain 33% more pepperoni.

According to Forbes, 2021 was a record year in sales for Little Caesars as the chain’s pandemic purchases surged. And with pizza pickup being a key feature for Little Caesars’ quick and easy menu items, the company also launched a delivery component for their business in January 2020. A year before that, the company began offering to customers the possibility to choose pizzas via a portal by scanning a QR code, aptly named “Pizza Portal”.

In December, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in their “all items index,” which includes restaurant costs, that prices jumped 6.8% in the previous 12-month period, December through November. This was the largest increase in a 12-month period from the one that ended in June 1982.

The dollar tree also announced that it would increase the prices of the majority of items sold in all of its stores by early 2022.

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