Lobby group calls for discounts on used electric vehicles

A few weeks ago, I was writing about what automakers are asking the government to do about electric vehicles: more charging stations, increasing rebates, eliminating sales targets, and scrapping the luxury vehicle tax. .

Since then, several government announcements, mostly involving new EV stations, have been applauded by automakers and various environmental groups. And, while they are aligned on some issues, there are still differences between what automakers and “green” groups want.

This includes federal policies, like the goal of having zero-emission vehicles make up 60% of sales by 2030 and 100% by 2035, which most automakers in Canada oppose.

Electric Mobility Canada, a lobby group representing certain companies that produce zero-emission vehicles (everything from bikes to boats), recently released its 2030evactionplan.ca. It is the group’s roadmap for how the country can reach its 2030 target. Some of its 32 proposals include a scrapping incentive to take the oldest and most polluting vehicles off the road, incentives for the purchase of used electric vehicles and low-interest loans for first-time buyers of electric vehicles.

I should note that the group does not have any legacy automakers among its members. While Tesla and the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association are still listed as members, many major automakers dropped out a few years ago due to aggressive goals for zero-emission vehicles.

More controversially, Electric Mobility Canada has made it clear that the country also needs a zero-emission vehicle procurement mandate, because rebates alone don’t matter if you can’t find an electric vehicle to buy in the province where you live. Currently, since only Quebec and British Columbia offer rebates on electric vehicles, most of the country’s vehicle inventory is located there.

Michael Bettencourt bought his first electric vehicle at the end of 2011 and has followed the Canadian electric vehicle scene ever since. Follow him on Twitter @MCBet10court

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