Loves Park gas station offers big discounts at grand opening


LOVES PARK, Ill. (WTVO) – Gas prices across the country are finally starting to fall, hitting a two-month low on Tuesday.

The national average for a gallon of gasoline was $4.49, according to AAA. A Loves Park gas station took advantage of its grand opening to offer even bigger discounts. This brought a steady line of drivers to E’s new location. Riverside Shell, and all were happy to save at the pump.

“It’s a good price,” said customer Sharon Cossey. “I like this.”

Cossey endorsed the cut prices, which came after 52% of Americans changed their summer travel plans due to high gas prices, according to a recent poll. Customer Kentra Ayers said the rising cost of refueling each week made him rethink where he was driving.

“I really have to be aware of certain places you’re going and the distance and everything, so you have to keep all of that in consideration,” Ayers said.

Angela Brancato can understand.

“We’re doing more carpooling and things like that and consolidating travel,” Brancato said.

The relief is slowing as fuel costs are down for the fifth week in a row. White House officials said the average American will now spend $25 less a month on gas. Many drivers are always looking for the best deal while waiting.

“I just drive around town trying to find the lowest prices,” Cossey said.

The Shell won that battle on Tuesday, at $3.99, while other Riverside stations cost around $4.80 a gallon. For Brancato, it was a pleasant surprise.

“I was taken by surprise because I was just stopping to fill up and I thought I knew they had gone down a bit, but I didn’t know they had gone down that much, then I noticed that there was something going on today,” Brancato said.

While the cheapest price was only for a limited time, the Aeboni Robinson customer can only wish it was standard sooner rather than later.

“Hopefully prices will stay low and other gas stations will follow the program,” Robinson said.

Some experts have said they expect prices to fall below $4 a gallon by mid-August, but warn that could change in the event of an unexpected disruption, such as a major hurricane.

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