Man sues Edtech platform for poor service and gets subscription fee refunded with Rs 30,000 compensation


Afflicted by the poor quality of study materials and tablets provided to his children, a man sued a major Edtech company in consumer court. He won a refund of ₹99,000 which he had paid as costs, as well as compensation of ₹30,000.

Last year in 2021, representatives of BUJU’s learning app visited Manju R’s Chandra Layout house and convinced him to subscribe to the learning app for his children for subjects school.

Later on July 25, Chandra and his cousin, Madhusudhana B used a credit card and purchased BYJU’S subscription for ₹99,000 after the representatives promised that the subscription fee would be converted into EMI. Chandra’s two children, a boy and a girl, also received a Samsung tablet, worth ₹25,000 each for online tutoring the child through the app.

Comes with shoddy material, service

However, within a few days, they realized that the devices provided were of poor quality. A few days into the tutoring, the family found that neither the study materials nor the tabs they received were worth the money they had paid. Moreover, the conversion of the royalty paid into EMI never took place.

Following this, on August 19, 2021, Chandra and Madhusudhana demanded that their subscription be canceled and the money refunded. Emails and phone calls were made to the learning app about it, but all went to no avail, reported The India time.

Complaint against the learning app

With no response from BYJU’S, the two individuals contacted the Consumer Dispute Redress Forum of the 1st Rural and Urban District of Bengaluru in Shantinagar with a complaint against Think and Learn Pvt Ltd, which operates the learning app .

In court, Chandra and Madhusudhana presented their claims with proof of payments and donated products. Despite receiving a formal notice, BYJU’S did not appear in court and was declared ex parte, reported mint.

Consumer court verdict

The consumer court, on May 10, 2022, in its verdict, noted the failure of the opposing party to appear in the forum and concluded that there was indeed a lack of service on its part.

The court ruled that the Managing Director (MD) of BYJU’S should reimburse the client for the fee of ₹99,000 with 12% interest. The court also ordered the learning app to pay ₹25,000 for damages and ₹5,000 for legal costs to the customers, who were also asked to return the tablets after receiving the amount.

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