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AHMEDABAD: A marriage agency in Kalol was ordered to repay a client’s fees because he failed to find a bride within the stipulated one-year period, which was simply spent fruitlessly showing photographs of potential brides. According to the details of the case, Shankarlal Gurjar of Kalol paid a fee of Rs 1.11 lakh to Marriage Agency Sarv Gnyati in July 2020 to find a wife for his son, Vikas.
After paying the fee, Gurjar heard nothing from the office. When he contacted him, he was told that as soon as they had good biodata of a woman, the family would be informed. A few months later, they received a call from the office. During the father-son duo’s visit, they were shown a photograph of a woman and asked for their consent to send a proposal to Vikas.
The client insisted on getting more details about the woman and was told she would call the woman and her family.
Two days later, the Gurjars received a call from the office saying the woman’s family was out of town and getting her biodata would take another 15 days. After more waiting, they were told that the woman’s marriage had already been celebrated.
A month later they were called again and showed another photo. The family expressed interest but did not receive a response from the office. On his persistence, Gurjar learned that the girl did not love her son.
A year passed and Gurjar sent a legal notice to the bureau and then sued it to the Gandhinagar District Consumer Dispute Redress Commission, which gave a notice to Manthan Gandhi, the owner of the matrimonial bureau, but he did not answer. The commission concluded that the office provided no service and was required to reimburse the fees to the client. In addition to reimbursing the charges with 9% interest, the office was ordered to pay Rs 5,000 as compensation for the harassment caused to the client.

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