Massachusetts State House presents ‘Nightmare on Beacon Hill’ to stop tax refund


It’s like they’re shooting a horror movie at the State House this weekend, and the script, as the trailers said, is taken from today’s headlines:

“Nightmare on Beacon Hill.”

He has the scariest plot the hacks, payroll patriots and assorted Democratic deadbeats can imagine:

Taxpayers – real Americans who work to make a living – perhaps online to recoup $3 billion in public funds that parasitic hacks were complicit in lavishing on themselves and fellow non-working class leeches.

It won’t last! But the problem is, who will stop this unspeakable hate crime against hackerama?

That’s why Nightmare on Beacon Hill, even in pre-pro, feels like a classic disaster movie. He asks the traditional question of the apocalypse film:

Which morning idol will intervene to prevent the end of the world?

Hacks need a Hollywood superstar to save them – think Bruce Willis in Armageddon, Will Smith in Independence Day, Steve McQueen in The Blob, etc.

Who on Beacon Hill has the potential for box office success to become the name above the title?

How about President Ron Mariano? He will be 76 on Halloween. Lyndon Johnson was president when Mariano first lowered his snout into the public watering hole, and he’s been placidly brooding ever since.

He mumbled about stopping those damn deplorable MAGAs with calluses on their hands from getting even a dime from his stash of bogus jobs and flim-flams like windmills and “training professional”.

Unfortunately, Mariano had a charisma bypass operation a long time ago – he better play the role of the irresponsible president who can’t decide how to stop the Martians from invading the planet.

The President’s only possible starring role on the big screen might be in a Slim Fast infomercial — at least the “Before” part — but let’s face it, it’s not Johnny Depp.

Speaking of which, at least in terms of lifestyle vices, the State House is full of Johnny Depp types – think Senator Michael Brady or Rep. David LeBoeuf.

Either would be perfect in a low-budget Netflix or Hulu movie — say, Invasion of the Bad Ice Cubes.

But right now, hacks have to deal with this current over-budget production – Nightmare on Beacon Hill.

In case you missed it, last week an obscure 1986 state law was uncovered that calls for the return of excess state income to working people, i.e. not to democrats.

The timing couldn’t be worse, as the legislature goes out of session for the year tonight at midnight. Surely these solons never hesitated to steal a hot stove and then come back for the smoke.

But 3 billion dollars is a lot to rob – before midnight!

The good news is that it’s the kind of tight deadline that every disaster movie demands. But that creates a truncated filming schedule. The first thing hacks need is a script, i.e. how to break the law.

The problem is that the Tribunal isn’t exactly crawling with brains, criminals or otherwise. Most “laws”, such as they are, are now written by lobbyists. The current legislature is more like a sheltered workshop, minus the work, that is.

Lobbyists have filled the brain vacuum. They have become quite adept at stealing, which they describe as public-private partnerships, in which public funds go into private pockets, with no strings attached, with maximum contributions of $200 to each legislative “leader”.

Robbers these days may call themselves “climate advocates” or consultants on diversity, inclusion and equity, but it’s still the same old kleptocracy.

This weekend, however, the Beautiful People face the unthinkable prospect of having to return $3 billion that they wanted to distribute to their beloved constituencies – changeless illegals, community activists, drifters, racial arsonists. confused, junkies, winos, the American tattoo community, blowouts, trust-funded pajama boys, antifa, puberty advocates, etc.

In other words, the Democrats.

It’s just a guess, but I don’t think the legislature will pull the trigger to repeal the law. It’s too close to November 6th.

It would draw too much attention to their even bigger scam – the proposed 80% hike in the income tax of “millionaires”, a definition which, within two weeks of its passage, would include everyone who earns more than $40,000 per year.

Theoretically, Democrats could overturn the law, but Gov. Charlie Baker would simply veto it…after going home for the year.

Another option: a trial. Maybe you’re asking one of the public sector thug unions to take a break from turning the tables outside the market baskets where Americans are collecting signatures to stop illegals getting permits To drive.

Comrades wearing nose rings could seek an injunction to stop the return of stolen funds, claiming the money hasn’t been ‘appropriated’, as if amigos are suddenly concerned about following the letter of the law gringo.

Less likely option: lame auditor Suzanne Bump must “certify” the amount to be returned to the Americans. Bump is totally shameless, so maybe she could be convinced to report that the $3 billion surplus has fallen to…$79.38.

After all, this is a woman whose private sector company was sued for gender discrimination last year. Auditor Bump’s CEO turned out to be a convicted serial bank robber – his Bureau of Prisons number is 18581-038. You could search for it.

Seriously, it’s the woman who decides how much money Americans will get from the regime that occupies the State House. You can’t make this stuff up.

A more likely prospect: Charlie Baker folds, cowers under his desk in the Corner Office and lets the Democrats run wild. It is, after all, his finest moment for the past eight years.

Bottom line: don’t plan to spend your windfall until tonight’s midnight preview of Nightmare on Beacon Hill.

Why do I have this nagging fear that somehow in the final scene the taxpayers are getting exactly what Janet Leigh got at the end of Psycho?

The only question is, in a building full of Anthony Perkins, who will emerge as the next Norman Bates?

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