Mills 50 restaurant King Cajun Crawfish films Orlando woman going on racist rant after being denied refund | Food News | Orlando


King Cajun staff at Mills 50 had to listen to an Orlando woman spitting racial slurs after being denied a refund on Tuesday.

“You are a Chinese female dog,” the wife told King Cajun manager Kristen Nguyen in a video shared on Instagram. “Take your ass back to your country.

The incident started when the woman said her prawns were spoiled so she wanted a refund. After Nguyen determined the prawns were fine and refused reimbursement, the women began making racial comments, according to the post.

“At the end of the pay meal she said the shrimp was spoiled (it wasn’t) and she ate 3 of them,” King Cajun shared on social media. “We said sorry we couldn’t refund it and she started making racist remarks.”

As you would expect from a racist, the woman’s comments were misinformed. Vietnamese-American Nguyen was born in the United States. The restaurant also noted that the woman had taken her supposedly spoiled food with her in a take-out container.

The Cajun King claimed the woman owned a small business in Orlando, which makes her actions toward another business all the more notable. This incident is just the latest example of a rise in anti-Asian rhetoric and hatred, spurred in part by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism published a reportt earlier this year showing that anti-Asian hate crimes increased by 339% in 2021 compared to the previous year.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department recently launched a liaison program with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to address this increase in AAPI hate crimes. A deputy was sent to the restaurant to discuss what happened on Tuesday evening.

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