Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar and BJP MP Ashish Shelar at war of words against property tax refund


Shiv Sena chief and Mumbai mayor Kishori Pednekar and BJP lawmaker Ashish Shelar have been involved in a verbal duel over Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s announcement on the appropriate tax exemption for residential homes up to 500 square feet in the city. Shelar demanded that the decision be implemented from the date the Shiv Sena made the pledge while Pednekar retaliated by alleging that Shelar was determined to confuse the Mumbaikars and pit them against each other. others on this issue.

“Not only from now, but waive property tax from the promised date itself. Now that their “political seat” is on the line, Shiv Sena remembers the Mumbaikars and the tax burden they face, ”Shelar scoffs. He asked, however, why this decision had been delayed for so long and why it had not been made for the past four years.

With the exception of the very wealthy in Mumbai, the middle class, which owns residential units over 500m², should be granted a tax exemption of up to 500m². “This means that all middle class Mumbaikars whose homes are 600, 650, or 700 square feet can be exempt from tax up to 500 square feet and the square footage above only needs to be taxed,” Shelar said. .

However, Pednekar retaliated by saying that Shelar was targeting Shiv Sena because he and the BJP could not digest a series of initiatives by the party-controlled BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation for the benefit of the Mumbaikars. “Sincere efforts are made to provide better facilities, but Shelar and the BJP are trying to divide the Mumbaikars,” Pednekar said.

Pednekar said the Shiv Sena operates with a steadfast commitment and determination to deliver new things and keep its promises in the broader interests of the Mumbaikars. However, Shelar and BJP criticize the Shiv Sena in frustration.

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Posted on: Sunday January 02, 2022 19:51 IST

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