North Texas Homeowners Association Bans Use of Housing Vouchers


A homeowners association in a small town in Denton County passed a rule barring tenants with housing vouchers, effectively targeting black residents in the predominantly white neighborhood.

Why is this important: The neighborhood makes up most of Providence Village, so when the leases expire, the city will be almost entirely off-limits to tenants with housing vouchers.

Catch up fast: In June, the Providence Homeowners Association passed the rule, which also included a provision that would fine landlords $300 a week for housing Section 8 tenants.

  • The association then backtracked on implementing the fines, allowing tenants to stay until the end of their tenancies, according to the Denton Record-Chronicle.

To note : Texas landlords can refuse a tenant with a housing voucher, but cannot refuse a person based on race, religion, gender, or disability.

  • The Providence HOA is one of three in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that bans voucher holders, according to The Texas Tribune.

By the numbers: Providence Village has about 7,800 residents, 87% of whom are white, according to census data.

  • Women lead all but five of the 157 voucher-using households in Providence Village, and 93% of families are black, according to a Texas Tribune analysis.
  • According to an analysis by the Inclusive Communities Project, only 12% of the 1,901 multi-family rental properties in Collin, Dallas, Denton and Rockwall counties accept housing choice vouchers.
  • Only 4% of mostly rental properties with white postcodes accept vouchers.

What they say : “For years we’ve had to deal with landlords saying ‘not in my neighborhood,’ but now we have a move that says ‘not even in our town’. It’s concerning,” said Ann Lott, executive director of the Inclusive Communities Project, at the Tribune.

What we are looking at: If this paves the way for other HOAs to follow suit.

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