North Wales pensioners who need to receive a £30 voucher for Iceland


North Wales has been identified as one of 17 regions across the UK where pensioners in need will receive £30 Icelandic gift vouchers.

Iceland, the Deeside-headquartered grocery store, has expanded its partnership with the Rothesay Foundation to support some of the 1.7 million pensioners who live in poverty in the UK and depend on pension and benefits. the state for their income.

The ‘Summer Cheer’ campaign will run for seven weeks, from August 1 to September 16, offering eligible pensioners a £30 Icelandic gift voucher to spend in one of 17 regions across the country, comprising 269 Icelandic shops.

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North Wales has been identified as having some of the highest numbers of pensioners living in material deprivation in the country.

Vouchers are accepted in Flintshire at Mold and Buckley stores and in Wrexham at Gwersyllt store.

Richard Walker, chief executive of Iceland Foods, said: “Since the partnership was launched last Christmas, the cost of living crisis has gripped the UK, and now more than ever people are struggling to access the food they need. .”

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The MD who lives in the North West with his wife and children added: “No one should ever have to worry about how they are going to eat or drink, and we hope that the support we can offer through the UK will help retirees access and enjoy a carefree meal during this difficult time.

The partnership was initially launched following research by Age UK which showed that 1.7 million pensioners were living in poverty in 2020/21, or 15% of all pensioners.

More than 770,000 pensioner households (single people or couples) are also deprived of pension credit payments, worth around £1.5billion each year.

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The pension credit not only gives extra money to seniors, but once claimed it can also unlock other financial aid for the cost of living, such as a free TV license, free dental NHS and help with energy costs through the Warm Home Discount, if eligible.

In May, Iceland launched a weekly over-60 discount in all its stores, which offers customers a 10% discount every Tuesday upon presentation of ID.

As part of this Summer Cheer campaign, copies of Age UK’s information guide on financial advice to help older people and their carers will be sent to eligible pensioners along with their voucher.

If you are eligible for a £30 voucher from the Rothesay Foundation, the over 60 discount can also be used in conjunction with this, to help you put your money to work.

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Addy Loudiadis, from the Rothesay Foundation, said: “We hope our vouchers will provide some relief to the growing number of older people in the UK who are in real financial difficulty.

“Going forward, we are committed to working with brilliant partners like Iceland and Age UK to help as many pensioners as possible access their full benefits.”

Eligible retirees should call the Summer Cheer hotline on 0800 098 7877 to claim their voucher.

The phone line will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The voucher excludes alcohol.

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