“Pay tax before July 31, get the discount”: PMC to citizens


The Panvel Municipal Corporation (PMC), which has been slow to recover the property tax, will be aggressive in the coming days. The civic body issued an announcement warning of a penalty for late payment of property tax. The civic body is offering a refund of up to 15% for the payment of property tax until July 31. The refund includes 5% for the online tax payment.

It is believed that the city administration took no enforcement action for failing to pay property tax or a delayed payment due to pressure from political parties. Since the term of the corporation ended on July 9, the civic body is now headed by an administrator. In the announcement, the civic body said the Bombay High Court had not suspended the collection of property tax. Going further, the civic body claimed that property tax holders lost Rs 118 crore for not availing the 15% waiver earlier.

In June 2022, the Bombay High Court granted major relief to residents living under the PMC by restraining the civic body from taking any enforcement action against property tax defaulters. The court also questioned the company’s retroactive collection of property tax. Now a section of citizens under the leadership of former corporal Leena Garad has decided to wait for the court decision on the payment of property tax.

This is the first time the civic body has collected property tax since its inception in 2016. Previously, residents paid property tax to gram panchayats and service tax to CIDCO. Some of the residents demanded that the property tax be collected from the moment the proposal was adopted by the general assembly. However, the civic body has been collecting since its inception, i.e. 2016.

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