Pick up 32GB of TeamGroup T-Force Delta DDR5 RAM for $208 after double discount


TeamGroup’s excellent T-Force Delta RGB RAM has been heavily discounted on Amazon in the US, with a 32GB dual-channel kit dropping from $260 to $209 after a double discount. The RAM is currently selling for $234 after a 10% discount off its list price, but you can also apply an additional 10% discount at checkout to bring the RAM back to the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this spec.

Note that to get this price, you need to check the “10% Coupon” box on the product page. You will see the discounted price at the last checkout step!

This RAM is rated for 5200MT/s (DDR5-5200) with CL40 timings. That puts it a notch above the JEDEC 4800MT/s standard, and it’s entirely possible that you could push the RAM to higher clocks, tighter timings, or both. For example, I was able to take a 6000MT/s kit and hit 6600MT/s, so DDR5 definitely has some overclocking headroom if you have some patience to experiment.

This RAM also comes with RGB lighting, but isn’t very tall, so it should fit under most tower coolers – still handy.

I think this is a great deal so I’m going to close just to make sure I can get the word out here before this deal gets pulled – something about a double 10% discount makes me think that this RAM is sold for a lower price than what was actually expected…

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