RAAW Bikes offers a €100 discount in Canada and the United States when a local shop builds one of their frames

Bike shops are important cultural centers for many cyclists, but many shops struggle to adapt to the realities of modern retail expectations. As frustrating as it may be, there are still independent shops that don’t appreciate it when you’re riding out the door with a mail-order bike.

RAAW bikes attempt to close that gap. They want to sell direct, but also want to support the value that local stores provide. Their solution offers a €100 refund to customers who purchase a frame through their online store and have it assembled by a local bike shop. RAAW products are sold throughout Germany, which is why transactions are made in euros. The program is an open-ended offer for Americans and Canadians only, for now – RAAW says that as different markets around the world, they saw an opportunity to try something new in these two North American countries.

How does their cashback program work?

1. Buy a RAAW frame kit from raawmtb.com and have it shipped to you. Cashback offer is only open to customers in the United States and Canada.

2. Take your new RAAW frame to the bike shop of your choice and have them assemble the complete bike. Collect and document the service invoice with the exact amounts for service and labor.

3. Email your service invoice to RAAW and receive a €100 refund on your original order, the same way the purchase transaction was made. RAAW also reserves the right to contact selected bike shops.

RAAW does not sell to bike shops, but they encourage shops to contact for advice on any questions they may have about the build process. The brand is made up of just seven people and they want to focus on producing their frames rather than a huge network of dealers. They believe that by maintaining close communication with the end consumer, they can provide better customer service.

That said, RAAW sees the program as a friendly handshake that helps cross-pollinate the brick-and-mortar business model with a growing online bike brand. Basically they say, “Hi bike shops, we know how valuable you are to the local community. The client chose one of our frames, but let’s work together on that.

We believe it is positive for a brand to recognize the credibility and knowledge that local stores can offer, especially in helping customers select the correct components in terms of sizing and what works best for their riding area. . We’ll be keeping an eye on how this program unfolds and are curious to see if it expands beyond Canada and the United States. This time last year they extended their warranty period for original owners and opened the offer up for used owners as well.

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