Rebaid reveals how rebate or rebate campaigns work

In this guest post today, Rebaid discussed how traders can use their discount service to drive sales to your marketplace listings. This is an interesting tactic to improve the ranking of your product search:

How rebate or rebate campaigns work

As the owner of a brand selling tangible goods, your most critical job is to sell through inventory. Products placed on shelves cannot be used to pay your rent, utilities, or payroll. When launching a new product, your goal is to create a popular item that sells many units with a high profit margin. If, or when you have a product that turns out to be a failure, your goal should be to recoup your investment and allocate that capital to better performing SKUs.

Discounts vs rebates

Both of these tasks can be accomplished with the help of promotional offers. When launching a new product, discounts are a very effective way to generate demand. With this type of promotion, buyers buy your product at full price and then receive a refund afterwards. Discounts, on the other hand, are a cost effective way to liquidate slow moving or obsolete inventory. It’s a great way to turn inventory into cash.

Get in front of tons of buyers

Yet simply sharing your rebate offer with your existing customer list or adding a discounted price to your product list is often not enough to launch or liquidate successfully. By taking advantage of a deal site like Rebaid, you can get your promotional offer in front of hundreds of thousands of buyers. Buyers on Rebaid are eager to try new products and find great deals. As soon as your campaign is launched, orders will start to arrive.

How it works

Registering for a Rebaid seller account is simple and free! Once your account is registered, you will be able to create a rebate or rebate campaign. When creating a campaign, you will be prompted to enter basic information about your product; description, pictures etc. You will also set a discount or percentage of discount that you want to offer buyers on Rebaid.

Finally, you will link your campaign to your product list. Rebaid supports promotions for products sold in Shopify stores as well as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Etsy. If your campaign is for a product listed on a marketplace, you will have the option of providing a direct URL link or SFB (Search, Find, Buy) keywords. If you choose to create an SFB campaign, buyers will search for your product using the keyword (s) you provide, find it, and buy. It is an effective way to quickly reach the top of the search results for the keywords relevant to your products.

How much does it cost?

For rebate campaigns where a rebate check is mailed to buyers who use your offer, Rebaid charges a fee of $ 2.95 per use. This fee is billed at the end of your campaign and is simply $ 2.95 per order generated through Rebaid.

For discount campaigns, there is no charge! Rebaid Rebate Campaigns are a recently released feature and we are proud to offer this type of campaign for free.

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