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HYDERABAD: A district consumer forum here has ordered a homeopathy clinic to refund €15,500 and pay an additional €50,000 as compensation to a consumer for failing to provide proper treatment to treat a skin problem .

Attracted by Positive Homeopathy advertisements, Geetha Gandhi, the plaintiff, said she approached them for treatment for a dermatological condition on August 24, 2020. She said she had been diagnosed with eczema chronic or disseminated and that the doctor at the clinic had offered him 15 days of treatment for 15,500.
Gandhi said she paid 4,000 the same day and the balance the next day. She underwent treatment according to her doctor’s instructions. She claimed the skin problem had spread all over her body, causing severe discomfort and mental agony.
The complainant said she contacted another doctor on October 19, 2020, who informed her that her condition had worsened due to the treatment. Claiming the medicine from the clinic made her situation so bad that she couldn’t even leave the house, she even received a notice asking for reimbursement and compensation, but received no response.
The opposing party was notified, but no representations were made. They were dis-parted by the commission. The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission-III, Hyderabad said: “This commission finds that the opposing party has failed to provide proper treatment for the complainant’s skin problem. They caused him great mental trauma apart from pain and suffering by spending a huge amount of money. The opposite is likely to reimburse medical expenses with interest and compensation. In addition to reimbursement, 10,000 is awarded for the cost of the complaint.

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