Ryanair passengers traveling on honeymoon refused reimbursement despite strict Covid restrictions in Vienna


Two Ryanair passengers traveling on their honeymoon have been denied reimbursement for their flights even though they cannot make it to their destination due to a lockdown.

The newlyweds were due to travel to Vienna today after getting married last month, but as the country follows strict government guidelines, tourists are denied entry at border control.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, told Dublin Live: “It’s not just the way I have been treated. We were supposed to travel to Vienna on Wednesday, but the country is on lockdown, they don’t allow any tourists to enter the country.

“We got married last month and because of Covid we decided to avoid booking a real honeymoon and wait until things calm down.

“In the meantime, we thought about making a city break because my wife loves Christmas markets. We would be classified as passing tourists and we are not allowed to enter.

“But Ryanair is kind of adamant that you get on the plane and leave. I understand that it is not Ryanair’s fault but it is not the customer’s fault either.

“Anyone who gets off that flight in Vienna, once you go through border control at the airport, you don’t go through and you already know you don’t get on until you even get there because you’ve seen the regulations.”

The couple were supposed to travel from Dublin Airport but will now be staying at home with their money “wasting”.

“Ryanair offered no sympathy, I have been in contact with them several times in the past week because I was monitoring the regulations. I have spoken to client advisers, managers and they give me the same answer, “the man continued.

“It’s very hard to take. I don’t mind not getting the money back, but a voucher of that amount would be ideal.

“If you booked the flight you knew what the terms and conditions were and basically if you don’t go you lose your money they don’t offer refunds or vouchers.

“I asked them if they told me to go to a country in confinement, hotels are closed, shops are closed and restaurants are closed. They said the other option was to change the flight, but Ryanair was charging us 188 € to change it which is totally unreasonable as it’s not our fault that we can’t go to Vienna.

Dublin Live has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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