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Guam Power Authority employees work on an overhead transmission line along Marine Corps Drive near the Dededo Mall in this PDN file photo. Sen. Joe San Agustin is asking the Legislature for a fast track to a $500 hydro bill rebate program.

Sen. Joe San Agustin is asking the Legislature for a fast track to a $500 hydro bill rebate program.

The senator introduced Bill 325 on Wednesday, to provide every residential and commercial ratepayer with the Guam Power Authority with a $100 credit on their electric bills from July through November. The hefty $25.3 million measure will require the legislature to adjust the fiscal year 2022 budget by the same $25.3 million and provide the money to the Guam Power Authority. Currently, the General Fund is seeking to raise approximately $85 million more than budgeted by the end of the year, although this amount has not been verified.

San Agustin wrote two letters to Speaker Therese Terlaje on Friday, asking her to drop the requirement that Bill 325 be heard publicly and to call an emergency session of the Legislative Assembly to approve the measure.

“For two years, our island has been trying to stay afloat with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is right and just that we continue to work together to find ways to mitigate the rising prices of goods and services for our people,” San Agustin wrote in the letter for an emergency session.

“Therefore, in accordance with your authority as President of I Mina’trentai Sais na Liheslaturan Guåhan, I request your leaders to convene an emergency session to discuss and deliberate on Bill No. 325-36.”

If passed by lawmakers, the bill will likely be signed into law by Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, who announced during his state of the island address late last month that she was working with San Agustin to move the measure forward.

It has the support of the senses. Telena Nelson, Clynton Ridgell, James Moylan, Jose “Pedo” Terlaje and Vice President Tina Muña Barnes.

San Agustin, Senator Terlaje, President Terlaje, Muña Barnes and the Governor are candidates for re-election. Nelson and Moylan are running for the delegate seat.

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