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Local member Leon Bignell introduced himself to the platform of reintroducing the 50% discount on KI vehicle registrations.

Now he is happy to report that he was able to work on the next state budget to reintroduce reimbursement starting in July for KI residents.

Mr Bignell said it was very short-sighted of the previous Liberal state government to get rid of the registration discount for KI residents.

“When the Liberal Party scrapped the rebate after winning government in 2018, nobody could really believe it,” he said.

Mr Bignell said the council had to shell out more than an additional $100,000 a year in taxpayers’ money to register all of the council’s vehicles.

The move saved only a small amount to the state budget, but placed a heavy burden on the people of KI, who were already affected by much higher fuel costs than on the mainland, a- he declared.

“With higher fuel costs and inflation, the savings couldn’t come at a better time for everyone on KI,” Bignell said. “We care about people, we listen and we act. (Premier Peter Malinauskas) and I also appreciate that Kangaroo Island is unlike the rest of South Australia in many ways.”

Mike Smith of KI Freight Services is one local who has welcomed the reintroduction of the discount.

Mr Smith said trucking companies on the island had to put in extra vehicles to overcome challenges with access to the mainland and were therefore being unfairly charged.

It currently operates five B-double trucks, another prime mover and numerous trailers, forklifts and flatbeds, paying over $140,000 in total registration.

Smith said now that state registration relief is coming, the federal government needs to consider reducing diesel excise duties for commercial trucking companies.

Another issue that Island trucking companies are working on is the need to preserve uncoupling space at Penneshaw.

The expansion of the desalination plant was going to impact trucking companies that used the side of Hog Bay Road to park unused trailers.

Mr Smith said he was in talks with the council and SA Water to book the spaces.

Mr Bignell meanwhile said he was really happy with the reintroduction of the discount.

“I organized petitions, wrote letters to ministers, asked then Prime Minister Steven Marshall questions in Parliament, asking the Liberals to reverse the cruel blow to the Kangaroo Islanders,” he said. he declares.

“Mike Smith, owner of KI Freight, has had to spend an extra $70,000 a year to register his vehicles and trailers. These costs are ultimately passed on to consumers buying things transported to the island.

“Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas has listened to my appeals on behalf of the islanders and has written to everyone on the island saying he will reverse the decision if we win the March 2022 election.

“Well, we won and Pete is delivering on his promise. From July 1 this year, the 50% motor vehicle registration discount will be reintroduced for residents of Kangaroo Island.”

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