Stimulus Check 2022 Update: New York State Property Tax Refund Came Early


New York homeowners should expect a one-time property tax refund check in their mailboxes this month as the planned stimulus dollars arrive early. A total of $2.2 billion in tax relief will be distributed to New York City homeowners under the statewide Homeowners Tax Credit Plan.

Under the tax refund concept, middle-income homeowners across the state will receive some relief from the rising cost of food, gas and consumer goods.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said the budget that authorizes the distribution of tax funds “provides much-needed tax relief to thousands of small businesses and millions of New Yorkers.”

Checks were originally scheduled to start hitting milestones in late June and early July, but reports revealed the Department of Taxation and Finance was ahead of schedule and had already delivered 1.8 million checks statewide. last week. That means most people received their checks before the June 28 Democratic primary, which Hochul won.

Hochul announced tax refund plans earlier this year

Hochul announced the tax refund program in April and was accused at the time of capitalizing on tax refunds and taking credit for them, in the hope that New York residents would give her their support in the primary race.

The contents of a letter attached to checks given to New Yorkers, who will go to the polls to choose their next governor in November, were seen early in the media.

“Governor Hochul and the New York State Legislature are providing you with this Homeowners Tax Refund Check that you can use to help pay your property taxes,” the letter read, according to the New. York Post.

It was also not the first time that checks were announced and distributed early. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did the exact same thing, just before the September 2018 Democratic primary. Unlike Cuomo, however, Hochul went further and made sure his name appeared on the letters. accompanying the check.

Tax refund: are you eligible?

Most eligible New York residents have already received their payment or checks, but if you haven’t received yours yet and aren’t sure if you’re eligible, the government website explains this by detail.

To get the tax refund, according to the site, New York residents must have lived in a school district that meets the New York state property tax cap. You can see if your district has complied at this link.

Homeowners must have had an income of $275,000 or less last year, paid school property taxes that year, and also qualified for the basic or enhanced STAR exemption.

Jack Buckby is a British author, counter-extremism researcher and journalist based in New York. Reporting from the UK, Europe and the US, it strives to analyze and understand left and right radicalisation, and reports on Western government approaches to pressing issues of today. His books and research papers explore these themes and offer pragmatic solutions to our increasingly polarized society.

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