Stimulus Check Update: Which States Send Tax Refunds?


Jhe federal government stopped giving stimulus checks to Americans.

However, some t-stateshave taken several steps to help their residents inflation costs.

State governments provide tax cuts Where cash back of their surplus

Soaring inflation is affecting Americans across the country.

Here is a list of several states implementing stimulus check programs to help the middle and lower classes.


California residents are getting $1,050 in stimulus checks.

The state has suspended the sales tax on diesel fuel and is helping people pay for rent or utilities.

Governor Newsom has put together a $308 billion state budget for the program.


Colorado residents who have filed their 2021 tax returns will receive additional money.

If you filed before June 30, the state will issue a stimulus check.

Single filers will receive a check for $750 and joint filers will receive a check for $1,500.

Colorado will mail the checks by September 30.


Delaware approved the “Relief Rebate“.

This is a one-time payment from the budget surplus worth $300.

Co-registrants will receive $600.


Georgia had a surplus and is sending relief money to residents.

Georgia offers rebates of $250 for single filers, $350 for heads of households, and $500 for joint filers.


If you are a resident of Hawaii and earned less than $100,000, or if you are a joint filer with earnings less than $200,000, you can claim a $300 tax refund.


Idaho distributes $75 to each taxpayer and dependent.

However, there is another option you can take.

You can get 12% of money paid during 2020 state income tax.


Illinois provides income and property tax refunds.

Everyone earning less than $200,000 in 2021 receives $50 on the income tax refund.

Joint filers earning less than $400,000 receive $100 for an eligible dependent with a maximum of three.


Indiana sent $125 rebate checks to all of its residents.


With Maine’s surplus, residents get $850 and families could get $1,700.

-New Jersey

Governor Murphy has proposed a $500 payout for filers who used their tax ID instead of Social Security.

-New Mexico

New Mexico has approved a $500 tax refund for all residents.

However, residents earning less than $75,000 per year can get an additional $250.


Frontline workers can request a payment of $750.

Check eligibility, it’s a limited payout.


Low-income residents who claimed the earned income tax credit and lived in the state for the past six months will receive a $600 payment.


People with disabilities, senior homeowners and renters can get a $650 discount.

Nevertheless, several owners can request an additional discount of $300.

Not everyone can benefit from the extra.

-Caroline from the south

The state only offers an $800 payment for certain taxpayers.

All residents who paid $100 or more will get a $100 discount.


Virginia will issue a check for $250 to individuals and $500 to joint filers.

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