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By resuming all operations since October 4, the Fiji Sports Council wishes to recognize the logistics around the tickets purchased for the Fiji final which was postponed to April of this year.

As ticket holders know, due to the second wave of COVID-19 on the eve of the National High School Athletics Meet, this in turn resulted in the cancellation of the Fiji Finals Coke Games 2021.

FIJI Sports Council National Operations Director Serai Roxburgh has confirmed that the resumption of sporting and commercial activities will allow them to facilitate the reimbursement of tickets to the Fiji Finals Coke Games canceled in 2021.

“We recognize the need for customers to be reimbursed for their tickets and these refunds will be made from the respective offices from which their tickets were purchased,” Roxburgh said in a statement.

“The lockdown period could not allow for earlier processing of refunds given that like all other businesses, FSC went into immediate shutdown with the second wave of Covid-19 affecting the nation. “

About 3,000 grandstand package tickets were handed over to the Fijian High School Athletics Association for pre-sale while the board pre-sold grass and concrete tickets from its headquarters in Laucala Bay, Suva.

Tickets can be refunded and these should be arranged directly at the respective outlets. Ticket buyers should contact the Fiji Sports Council for more information.

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