Thousands of people could receive £ 30 per child in food stamps


FAMILIES short of cash can claim £ 30 per child to cover the cost of purchasing food during the February semester.

The government’s £ 500million Household Support Fund has made additional funds available to low-income families across the UK.


Families across the country can apply for additional money through the government’s Household Support Fund

Households struggling to make ends meet can claim cash vouchers from their local authority to help cover essential winter expenses like grocery shopping.

The extra money is coming at the right time for thousands of families affected by the cost of living crisis.

High and rising inflation has pushed up the prices of basic necessities in supermarkets.

But the availability of financing and how to apply for it depends on where you live.

Each council decides what help to offer and who can ask for it.

You can find out which local authority you are in through the government website.

How much money is available – and who can claim it?

Nottinghamshire County Council – not to be confused with Nottingham City Council – is offering vouchers of £ 30 per child to low-income families.

Households can get a voucher for each child claiming free school meals, 2-year-olds with access to funded child care, or 3 and 4-year-olds with Early Years Pupil Premium.

But the money will not automatically go into your bank account.

The deadline to apply for the £ 30 vouchers is March 31 – the same end date for the program as most boards in England.

But keep in mind that some councils have shorter deadlines – for example households in Hertfordshire must apply by February 28.

According to Nottinghamshire County Council, 27,500 children in the county are eligible for Household Support Fund money – if their parents or guardians apply on time.

Where can I ask for money?

We’ve asked the council how local parents can apply for the money, and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear.

Under this scheme, households in England must claim the money directly from their local authority, although some councils automatically pay it to eligible families.

In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, decentralized administrations are responsible for distributing the allocated funds.

English councils have £ 421million in additional spending from the Department for Work and Pensions.

The Scottish government received £ 41million, while the Welsh government received £ 25million and the Northern Ireland executive received £ 14million, according to the Barnett formula.

What if I am having difficulty but am not eligible for this program?

If there is no Household Support Fund assistance available to you in your area, there are other programs that could help you.

Beneficiaries of the welfare program can claim up to £ 1,000 in cash and free vouchers to cover the cost of food, furniture and utilities.

You might also be able to reduce or even erase your council tax bill if you have a hard time paying.

And if you’re having trouble paying your rent, you can request a discretionary payment for housing.

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