Throwback Tulsa: Oklahoma’s Rainy Day Fund Surplus Means Rebate Checks for Taxpayers That Day in 2005 |


The Rainy Day Fund was created in 1985 to protect the state during an economic downturn. It was previously called the Constitutional Reserve Fund.

On that day in 2005, taxpayers even got a refund from the fund.

Rebate checks totaling approximately $ 92 million from the state’s “rainy days” reserve fund were to be mailed to 1.24 million Oklahoma taxpayers within days, the report said. Governor Brady Henry.

Discounts ranged from $ 45 for individuals or married people filing separately in 2004 to $ 90 for a surviving spouse, head of household or married couple filing jointly.

“We know mailboxes are full this time of year, so we ask Oklahoma residents to be on the lookout for a letter from the state of Oklahoma,” said Henry. “This is something they will definitely want to open.”

Here is a look back at the balance each year for the past 20 years, according to the Oklahoma Policy Institute(Note: All balances are at the start of each fiscal year): Content Exchange Content Exchange

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