Tulsa Housing Authority Encourages More Landlords to Accept Housing Choice Vouchers


The Tulsa Housing Authority is encouraging more landlords and landlords to accept the vouchers as the city continues to face a lack of affordable housing. The agency says access to affordable housing is an issue that has only recently escalated as we rebound from the pandemic and now face inflation.

About 6,000 people are on the housing waiting list, and more than 360 have a voucher in hand and are looking for housing, according to the Tulsa Housing Authority. The problem is that there aren’t enough places that accept Housing Choice coupons.

Officials say if more owners took them, it would help reduce the need. The Housing Authority says breaking the stigma of voucher schemes would go a long way to getting people into houses.

The voucher holder has the choice to choose where they want to live as long as the property accepts it.

“It gives them a lot of stability because this grant, as long as they stay in good standing with us at the Housing Authority, this grant comes in every month and it’s stable and you can count on it,” Ginny Hensley said with the Authority. of Tulsa housing.

Cindy Steward manages nearly 150 properties in Tulsa. She says a third of her tenants are on bonds.

Steward thinks accepting vouchers is a way to help the community. It also provides him with a stable income and long-term tenants.

Any property manager or landlord interested in the program should contact the Tulsa Housing Authority for more information.

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