Tyranitar, a new discount shop is now available in Pokémon UNITE


The moment many fans have been waiting for over a month has finally arrived: Tyranitar is unleashed on Pokemon UNITE as the next playable character today alongside several additional content items that continue the 1st anniversary celebration.

Tyranitar joins the game as potentially the most interesting all-rounder in quite some time, bringing furious power along with moves that give players unique ways to interact with their targets as they work to take them down. .

Not only is playing as a fully evolved Tyranitar as awesome as it should be, with its Sand Stream ability providing it with boosted defenses for a short time after using a move and damaging nearby Pokemon, Dark Pulse and Stone Edge are both devastating. , especially when you use the latter consecutively. You can also play different roles depending on the moves you choose, such as Sand Tomb giving you more mobility and ways to get closer to enemies, while Ancient Power gives you more of an area of ​​effect buff.

Unfortunately, this also marks another increase in the cost of Pokemon for UNITE. Tyranitar is the first Pokémon in the game to cost 14,000 Aeos Coins instead of the previous 10,000 or 12,000, making it harder to obtain for free-only players who will have to work harder to unlock it.

Meanwhile, it still only costs 575 Aeos Gems to unlock “Ttar”, something that has remained unchanged (likely to promote the use of microtransactions, if only a little).

There’s also a new Anniversary Bargain Shop open for the rest of August that offers players deep discounts on Unite Licenses, Holowear, and Fashion options. This includes plenty of premium Holowear sets, though you can only purchase a total of eight items from the store and transactions are all done through Aeos Gems, meaning you’ll need to use premium currency earned through microtransactions.

It’s also the end of the summer portion of the 1st Anniversary content, which means we’re now awaiting official information on the three Pokemon added for the next portion starting in September…which may have already started leaking.

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