Vouchers are always available for owners of the HASLO Welcome Home program


Homeowners in San Luis Obispo County are now eligible for a $ 4,000 bonus if they choose to rent out their home or part of their property to help house residents who find themselves without reliable housing.

This SLO County program aims to help tenants and local landlords who experienced unexpected financial stressors during the pandemic.

County officials say the community’s most vulnerable population, including victims of domestic violence and other personal struggles, are eager to get back on their feet, but their “Section 8” status often makes owners hesitate. to rent to them.

The Welcome Home program of the San Luis Obispo Housing Authority (HASLO) aims to mitigate this argument by offering the following guarantees:
We guarantee payment of a high percentage of rent, as well as protection of up to $ 7,500 in damages and unpaid rent for two years after the tenant moves in
We act as a liaison between you and the tenant and help provide security deposits while the rental is approved

In addition, new owners of the program, or owners who have not participated in more than a year, will receive a one-time bonus of $ 4,000. Homeowners who participated in the past year are still eligible for a $ 2,500 bonus to return to the program. Existing HASLO owners will receive a bonus of $ 1,000 to continue renting to HASLO customers. Property management agents are also eligible for 75 percent of the bonuses and guarantees mentioned above.

There are another 50 vouchers available for local owners. To apply, contact 805-594-5358 or visit this website for more information.

This program has already made it possible to place around 130 families, according to county officials.

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