When do you get a loan from the bank

Apply for a loan from the bank. Everyone who wants to take out a loan with the savings bank has different possibilities. If a renovation is suddenly necessary and the car fails, a loan is essential. The bank is the right partner for this. There are wishes that can not be deferred.

Building child loans

Building child loans

You have a child and you want to buy a flat or build it yourself? The Loan is right for you: Representative: effective annual interest rate 1.23% pa, initially fixed target interest rate 1.15% pa, plus land registry and building insurance costs, for a net loan amount of USD 10,000. The financing interest rate is USD 26.25 (as of 19 January 2017).

Loan and financing

Loan and financing

For short-term needs, larger purchases and your own four walls: See here what credit solutions your bank offers you. bank construction financing makes construction, buying or renovation easy. Secure your building financing for the next 5 years with low interest rates. Secure your building financing for the next 5 years with low interest rates.

We are happy to advise you on this topic. Find out which loan is best for your project. The best way to make an appointment.

In Germany savings banks have the highest density of customers. It is therefore obvious that consumers who need a loan are interested in a personal loan from the savings bank. After all, whoever is a customer of a savings bank and first has to think about their bank does not do anything wrong.

Nevertheless, there are so many different loan options available today at other banks that can be used directly on the Internet, that you should not apply for a loan without first making a free loan comparison. If you have more confidence in your bank, you can take out a small loan with the savings bank and be looked after in the office.

If you are interested in the private loan of the bank, you can request a quote in advance – either on the Internet or at the bankbetreuer. However, this is not a matter of course, because when taking a loan at a low-interest house bank can be saved a lot. As you know, bank personal credit is not the cheapest bid because banks have never been among the best in loan comparison.

If the savings bank has made a personal loan offer to the savings bank, one must weigh what is cheaper. Sometimes it can happen that the saving offer of the savings bank is used despite increased interest rates, because the loan comes from the housing bank and a permit from another institution z. B. with limited creditworthiness is less likely.

Regardless of whether the personal loan is concluded with the savings bank or another institution, the choice should in principle not be premature. If you have a loan, you will be bound by it for several years and you should always be able to make the payments on time. With the monthly installment of the new loan, the expenses would rise by this value, which eventually leads to the fact that you are suddenly in the Dispo case and pays monthly additional costly default interest.

You should only take out a loan if you can easily repay the loan installments from your existing income.

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