When will I receive my 2022 tax refund?


A lot of people are wondering if the 2022 tax season will be normal again.

While tax season is still months away, the likelihood of it being as normal as it was before the pandemic is slim.

In the spring of 2022, concern for COVID-19 will still be relevant, and various changes in stimulus laws will cause confusion.

By then, new laws could even be created.

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What will probably be normal are the delays.

2020 and 2021 have seen various extensions due to COVID-19 uncertainty, but with vaccines and a better sense of normalcy, April 15 will likely be the deadline.

The deposit process may also be closer to normal, meaning that filers can see their refunds a few weeks after deposit.

Normally, the IRS starts accepting returns during the last week of January, but the legislation will likely push that back to February.

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2022 tax refund

Many Americans see their refund in as little as two weeks when they file their taxes electronically and choose direct deposit.

If your refund is delayed or if you want to know where it is, the Where is my refund tool or the IRS2Go app can track it for you.

There are several factors that come into play when a person receives a refund.

This includes when you file your return, what credits you claim, if you are mailing or electronically submitting your return, or if you have any debts to the federal government.

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Tax refund calendar 2022

Here is an estimate of when you might see a refund depending on CPA Practice Advisor. Those estimates are subject to change, and it’s still unclear whether the IRS will still accept claims in the last week of January.

Note: Add an additional 3-4 weeks if you expect to receive a paper check instead of direct deposit. When you mail a paper return, it must then be manually entered into the IRS system.

  • Deposit before January 31, see reimbursement before February 11
  • Deposit before February 7, see reimbursement before February 18
  • Submit before February 14, see reimbursement before February 25
  • Deposit before February 21, see reimbursement before March 4
  • Deposit before February 28, see refund before March 11
  • Deposit before March 7, see refund before March 18
  • Deposit before March 14, see refund before March 25
  • Deposit before March 21, see reimbursement before April 1
  • Deposit before March 28, see refund before April 8

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Keep in mind that those who file and claim the earned income tax credit or the child tax credit will see a delay until March. This is to verify the claim due to the common abuse that surrounds them.

Using a CPA tax professional can ensure that your taxes are legally filed and that the date you can expect a refund will be more accurate.

The IRS encourages electronic filing in order to see your refund faster.

If you can’t file your taxes by April 15, you can request an extension with Form 4868, which extends the deadline until October 15.

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