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Chrissie Klinkowski makes her CBD candy at Green Ape CBD. But the company is taking its time with the refund and wants to charge it a $ 5 restocking fee. Can it do that?

Q: I have a problem with Green Ape CBD. I returned an unopened packet of CBD candy and inside the packaging material they sent it to me. They have a sneaky recurring delivery policy and I returned them because I can’t eat sugar now.

When I returned the item a representative said they would refund the $ 75 but I should cover the shipping cost. I sent them about 20 emails asking for my refund and it’s not going anywhere. I spoke to someone yesterday who said to me, “Oh yes, we have received your order and we will issue a refund. It will take five to six weeks to get a check and now there will be a $ 5 restocking fee.

A representative from Green Ape told me he was unable to process a return on my credit card and needed to send a check. I asked them to email me to confirm they would send me a refund and they said their courier will email me today as they weren’t working yesterday.

Everything seems fishy. Why wouldn’t they pay him back to begin with? Why does it take two months to get my money back and now five to six weeks longer?

I said I would dispute my credit card charge but they said they would just say ‘they fix it’ and tell them their policy which would be ‘unnecessary’. I just want an email with a confirmation so I know they’re going to do what they should have done. Can you help me get reimbursed by Green Ape? – Chrissie Klinkowski, Boulder Creek, CA

A: Green Ape shouldn’t have been messing around with your refund. If he had promised to give you your money back, he should have done it quickly.

I have reviewed the paper trail between you and the company. By the way, nice job of following up on your communication with Green Ape. Most people are just calling instead of emailing, which means they have no record of their interaction with the business. It appears that you have received several responses to your repeated requests for reimbursement. It’s frustrating.

Restocking charges are common, but they are not consumer friendly. Returning an item to a warehouse is a basic cost of doing business. You shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Green Ape’s online reviews are inconclusive. I found your complaint on a popular consumer site, as well as another consumer who was upset that the company continued to send him candy despite asking to end his subscription. I think you have to be careful not to take out a subscription of any kind when you buy products by mail order. I once ordered drugs online and they gave me a generous discount if I was willing to let them replenish my stock. They sent me way too much product and continued to charge me even after I repeatedly asked them to stop.

Generally speaking, companies want to set up such a system. They will sell more products. It also makes sense to make it difficult to cancel or return the product. Maybe that’s what happened to you. The company’s supposed inability to pay off your credit card was one indication of this.

I contacted Green Ape on your behalf. He did not answer me directly. But shortly after I heard from you.

You indicated that they refunded the full amount to your credit card, even though they claimed they couldn’t return the money to your card and had to charge you a restocking fee.

Christopher Elliott is the Advocacy Officer for Elliott Advocacy. Email him at [email protected] or get help with any consumer issues by contacting him at http://www.elliott.org/help

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