Your money matters | West Town Tax Refunds, Summer Sales and Helping the Community | Radio WGN 720


On today’s show Your money matters, Jon Hansen is joined by Chicago Tribune reporter Robert Channick to discuss his article detailing how ComEd plans to provide $434 million in tax refunds to customers over a 3-year period. They explained why this happens in the first place, how much an individual can receive, and more!

Afterwards, Insider economics editor Bartie Scott called to talk about a summer of sales despite prices rising due to inflation. She explained how major retailers, and even some luxury brands, are desperate to get rid of their products as their inventory continues to grow.

Later, Keisha Davis-Johnson, Executive Director of the Greater West Town Community Development Project, will discuss what the organization is doing to help with the educational and economic advancement of low-income communities in West Side neighborhoods. They highlighted the importance of money made in a community staying in the community, as well as ways listeners can get involved to help the West Town community.

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